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5 Trends that will change Internet Marketing in 2011

Being the most consumer friendly media and the cutting edge technologies involved with Internet can shape any company’s Marketing-Mix dramatically. In past few years we witnessed some amazing changes in Internet Marketing and the year 2011 seems to be quite stunning as well. Recently in a brief conversation with a young entrepreneur, I discussed Internet Marketing trends for 2011 to watch for. Here are the trends for you:

1. Search is Full, Rich & Dynamic

Both the major search engines, Google & Bing started including results from social media, video, pictures & news along with basic web pages. Search Engines also started showing up screenshot for results. “Google Instant” the most awaited version is quite impressive too. Now your customers will have so many results or options at their disposal. Effects of all these variations are still to be evaluated but I consider you need to move fast for your Search Marketing strategy.

2. Online Videos are new Display ads

With search & social media dominating the internet in last few years, pundits started considering online Display ads as obsolete. However no one noticed the growth of Rich Media & Online Videos recently. Most of the online videos running on free media space like Youtube Videos were actually part of online advertising, were display and had viral effect all over. It should be considered as a transformation for good.

3. Social Media will influence Buying Decisions

Facebook alone recorded users spending more time on it than Google on many occasions in 2009 & 2010. This means consumers spend handful of time on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtbe, LinkedIn and many others. People create & share content, rate products and do so much, that will for sure influence businesses in coming years.

All major social networks are trying to gel-up with businesses by proving Business Pages. This will help brands to directly engage customers on Internet. This should be taken seriously by small businesses because it will certainly influence buying decisions by a margin.

4. Email Marketing will make content the King again

Marketing was always revolved around quality content. In 2011 Email Marketing will never be just an online flyer mailed to strangers, that I always advised!  Email Marketing will act as a handy resource for customers & future customers and will need lot of quality content to make it large.

5. Web Apps / Applications can change the game

According to a recent report local business information based web properties like Foursquare and Yelp are underutilized and constitute only 1% share of Internet usage.  But coming years will see huge push from Web Applications/Apps & APIs (Application Program Interface) to tailor local content for consumers along with these websites. Amazing features like social connect, smart suggest, user reviews and discussion about any product among social networks will make Web Apps a cutting technology product. Ability to put together basic web, social media, RSS & news at the ease of consumers can surely change the game of Internet Marketing in 2011.

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