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General Strategic Consultancy


1. Have you been worrying about your company ‘s brands which are strong or weak?

2. Have you been worrying how to make effective marketing programs?

3. Have you been worrying how to gather good human resources?

4. Have you been worrying how to run an enterprise professionally ?

5. Have you been worrying how to built a professional cultural foundation in your company?

6. Have you been worrying about the effective management of financial sources?

7. Have you been worrying how to make effective business plans?

8. Have you been worrying how the customers knowing about you? 

9. Have you been worrying how to transmit effectively your  product’s information to consumers?


We answer that:
- To firmly  develop as well as to hold the feeling of majority customers, your company need to change to be better and more professional. There are many category that you should care about such as managenent, staff’s  talent, business strategy, project planing strategy, marketing strategy, brand definition, and benefit.
- Your all anxiety just pass to us. We will take it and accompany with you on your own development.
- Your 9 problems will be solved in one package. With our experts and profesional ways, we’ll bring you a higher effect.

“9 in 1” package at EPI

“Unlimited creation” is our motto. EPI services are attached with creation, profession and effect.
With dynamic and emthusiasm team, we believe that our services will make you satisfied. So you should choose us to be partner.

+  Brand consultancy and brand designing
- Brand building consultancy
- Banner& poster designing
- Logo designing
- Folder, brochure, catalogue designing

+ Consultancy of product advertising strategy
- Product launching conference
- Advertising on newspaper, TV, website, magazine, game show….
- Brand activation program
- Building product image in customer mind

+ Consultancy of effective marketing program
- Market survey
- Demand evaluation
- Promotion methods and their effect
- Marketing target
- Posting product information on Google, Yahoo
- Online Sale solution
- Commercial portal Solution
- Online payment.

+  Financial enterprise consultancy
- Enterpise valuation
- Equitizing consultancy
- Reorganization consultancy and increase business’s financial capability
- M&A consultancy
- Tax consultancy
- Risk management

+ Consultancy of professionally human resources training
- Training consultancy of HR management
- Training consultancy of strategic building
- Training consultancy of marketing, promotion, customer services
- Training consultancy of speciality and company’s working process
- Training consultancy of professional ethics

+ Consultancy of HR  management process
- Project management
- Staff management
- Assets management
- New Staff recruitment
- Department connection
- Conflict solution
- Encouragement ( bonus, punishment )
- File management

+ Consultancy of professional company building
- Company culture
- Working environment
- Customer services
- Behaviour
- Sales-marketing Strategy
- Product


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